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No two fur hats, gauntlets or mukluks are alike! That is the nature of fur, with each pelt having its own unique characteristics. But it is the making of our products, and the expert craftspeople who do so, that sets us apart from all the others. When you hear the expression "old world craftsmen", you get an idea of the kind of people who produce our products for us. In the style of both old Europe and the indigenous peoples of Canada, our craftsmen and women, with over five decades of experience, carefully choose each pelt and hide before proceeding. The artwork used on our gauntlets, mukluks and moccasins is art handed down through the generations, then carefully hand-stitched! These are not factory made pieces!

The "Mountie"

Shaped in the traditional Canadian trappers' style, with a 6 panel crown, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have worn this hat for decades! We offer more than Muskrat though, with dyed Muskrat, Raccoon, Dyed Raccoon, Coyote, Beaver and Otter fur all available in a full breadth of sizes. Each hat is made with Canadian made 25 ounce wool blend "melton" cloth on the crown of each hat, a warm quilt lining and textile ties. Wear the Mountie with the flaps up and out of your way, completely down, to cover your ears, cheeks and back of your neck, or tied behind for a bit of fashion. Even the front "peak" (some call it a visor) unsnaps to drop down over your forehead, protecting you from the winter winds.

The "Jockey"

A step up from the "Mountie" style! The traditional Canadian trappers' style, but with a fur crown in place of wool melton cloth.

The "Aviator"

Also called the "Bomber" hat, this hat, with its rounded 6 panel crown, is as comfortable as a winter hat can be. We use only select grades of beautifully tanned cowhide for the crown, and combine that with a warm quilt lining. This hat is "it"; the best selling style in winter headwear! The leather ties allow you to secure the flaps down to protect the back of your neck, ears and cheeks, worn up and out of the way, or tied behind, for a fashion look.

The "Russian"

Also called the "Ushanka" which, literally translated from Russian means "EAR HAT". One of the oldest styles of headwear in existence, it also offers the warmth and fashion no other hat can offer. This is the "ultimate" in cold weather "streetwear"; as warm as any hat can be in the very coldest conditions. Made with a quilt lining and leather ties that allow you to wear the flaps up and out of your way, down around your chin, protecting the back of your neck, ears and cheeks, or tied behind to create the ultimate fashion look (and still stay warm!).

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you the most beautiful hat in the world; one that will last for decades, if not for generations!

The "Mountain Man" and Davy Crockett"

Originally called the "coonskin" cap, the "style" was a traditional native American hat that included the entire pelt; body, face, legs and tail.  Adopted by early settlers in Tennessee and Arkansas, the hat was popularized by the 1950's Disney T.V. shows Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone (really, if you are over 50, how could you forget Fess Parker?!). We offer this style in three different versions:

  • The "Mountain Man", with a face, tail and legs in Coyote or Red Fox.
  • The Davy Crockett, with a face and tail, in Raccoon or Skunk.
  • The Davy Crockett, with a tail only, in Raccoon and Skunk.

If you crave the style but want a less expensive alternative, check out our rabbit Davy Crockett in the rabbit hat section of our website.

The "Gauntlet"

We have the ultimate in fur gauntlets. Ours are based on the traditional First Nations winter gauntlets, made to keep your fingers and hands warm in the very coldest of winter condition. We combine the very best of our fur selection with our stock of split cowhide, and line them with genuine Sheepskin. Seventeen inches long from cuff to tip, these gauntlets will satisfy your need to be both warm and fashionable in the worst climate winter may offer.


The word "mukluk" originated with the Yupik peoples of Alaska, though these incredible pieces of footwear are worn by most indigenous peoples of the North, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The mukluk was developed by the Yupik and the Inuit as ultra warm footwear that allowed hunters to move quietly in their terrain.

Our mukluks are similar to the original Inuit design, with the addition of a crepe sole to keep you warm and dry. We asked our First Nations craftswomen (and men!) to add a double sole to our hand made moccasins, using waterproof glue and hand stitching. They then add their own unique designs to the uppers of each pair. Our fur craftsman builds up from there, adding an extra tall fur leg and a thick crepe sole. A heavy sherpa pile finishes off the linings, assuring you of the warmth you're obviously looking for in a pair of winter mukluks!

Each pair is a masterpiece of fur and leather construction, produced by the skilled hands of our craftspeople. No two pair are alike!

"Manitobah Mukluks"

We have a great selection of mukluks, moccasins, mitts and gauntlets from "Manitobah Mukluks" , a Winnipeg based company that is wholly Aboriginally owned. Manitoba Mukluks proudly supports the Native community and many Native artists, whose work appear on many of their products.


Footwear was a critical piece of every day wear for First Nations peoples, and the moccasin was the every-day footwear of choice, allowing close contact and "feel" of the terrain, while protecting the foot. Our moccasins are true to the originals developed hundreds of years ago.  They are made expressly for us by regional First Nations artisans. Hand made from our own selection of split cowhide, these craftsmen and women start with a simple five piece pattern, then select the leather and cut each pair.  The intricate beadwork, for which the number of unique patterns run into the hundreds, is carefully hand-sewn on the upper portion. The lining is then sewn together and the final construction process completed.

Because we have many First Nations craftsman working independently to hand make each pair of our moccasins, we are able to supply you only by size! Choices of beadwork patterns and colors are, unfortunately, not possible, as we never know which patterns or colors our artisans will deliver.


Rabbit products offer a price point that no other fur is able to achieve. While almost all of today's rabbit production has moved to China, it has done so for good reason; the availability of raw material. Our rabbit products are made from the highest grades selected for the production of headwear, and our suppliers are selected for their ability to achieve the highest levels of quality on a consistent basis. Our rabbit sources have been in business for decades, and we are confident of their ability to ensure that our high standards are met with each product we receive.

Winter Fur Hats
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